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2017 10 Best Pet Insurance

Advertising Disclosure: This website has partnered with an insurance company who represents most brands listed below and we receive compensation if you choose to purchase by clicking our links.

This ranking is based on a thorough analysis of the Pet Insurance industry as well as hundreds of real online reviews. Trupanion was not included at their request.

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healthypaws logo

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  • Healthy Paws is #1 Ranked Pet Insurance Company 4 years running
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction
  • Best Online Reviews
  • Unlimited benefits and no claim caps
  • Trusted by thousands of pet parents
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  • Petplan offers a comprehensive policy with many choices
  • Customize reimbursement level, dedictible & choose any vet
  • Highly rated customer service 24/7
  • Paperless claims via their mobile app
  • 10% online discount & free Barkbox offer
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embrace logo

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  • Embrace allows you to choose any vet
  • Offers strong illness & Accident coverage
  • Optional wellness plan is appealing for covering spay/neutering
  • Very Consistent and Affordable Premiums over time
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Nationwide logo

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  • New Whole Pet + Wellness policy from Nationwide Strongly Worth Considering!
  • 250 Annual Deductible with no claim caps
  • Most negative reviews online are associted with their old plans
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petfirst logo

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  • Petfrist is A+ Rated with BBB
  • No exam is required before getting coverage
  • There is a short waiting period
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Petsbest logo

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  • Pets Best Pet Insurance
  • Drag and drop website builder solution
  • Moneyback guarantee
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petpartners logo

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  • Pet Partners is a A+ BBB rated company affiliated with AKC
  • Some coverage limitations for some conditions
  • Lower annual deductible of $100 but has a $10k payout limit, and lower online reviews.
  • Reputable company but not the best we've found
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aspca logo

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  • ASPCA Pet Insurance is partnered with Hartville Pet Insurance Group
  • They offer up to 90% reimbursement, lower deductibles and vet of your choice
  • Online reviews are hit and miss
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petpremium logo

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  • Basically offers the same policies as PetPremium under another brand
  • $3000 payout limit unless you choose their top two policies
  • Overall customer reviews are positive
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banfield logo

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  • Banfield Wellness Plans - Worth mentioning but not traditional pet insurance.
  • Includes preventative treatments designed to optimize your pet's health
  • Plan does not cover medical expensesbanfiel
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